How We Work

We deal with Smart Work rather than Hard Work. Shrideva Technomech Pvt. Ltd. “STPL”, possesses best in the industry Outsourcing Software Development Methodologies to make the complete Offshore Software Outsourcing and Development Process go smoother and easier. Let us have a look of our unique Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Once we are given a chance to serve, the steps of our SDLC will make you find "STPL as The Best Offer on Your Investment." This model also gives better idea about how our Custom Software Development Process goes on.

We possess expertise in various technologies such as – Java, Python, xml and many others. We also provide services in PHP Technology and image processing services in the above technologies as a complement of our Outsourcing Software Development. We have got highly talents and skilled developers, who are always ready to meet the global challenges for Offshore Software Outsourcing Services. Our Campus is equipped with latest technology and facilities to strengthen our services for successful Software Development Outsourcing to India as well as whole World.


Once the RFP (Request for Proposal) is submitted to us, we start our approach for the given proposal and try to implement the best combination of the resources available to start the analysis of the possible Custom Development Services. This is our first step of services as a part of Outsourcing Software Development.

Project Planning:

This is the next step of SDLC where we process all the possible functionalities such as Functional Specification, Time and Cost Estimation, Best Resources to be Implemented and all other aspects of Custom Software Development. It gives idea about how the whole Outsourcing Software Development Process will move ahead and what possible combinations are available. We also give idea to our clients about the best suitable resources they may adapt from us and how to manage their own schedule for all possible Offshore Software Development Outsourcing services.

Designing and Development:

Once the provided Time / Cost Estimation are approved from the client side and the project gets finalize, we start Software Design and Development of the system that needs to be developed. In this phase of SDLC initially we provide the Prototype to the client. Prototype is the factual look & feel of the system to be developed without coding. It is one of the most important phases of any Custom Software Development and Outsourcing Software Development Services. Further Coding and Software Development will only move further once the Design / Prototype are approved by the client. Approval from Client’s side is mandatory.

Quality Analysis:

Once the approval is received from the client’s side, we develop the whole system. Once the system is ready to be delivered, the stage of Software Testing Outsourcing comes into the picture. We test the developed system at our own Software Development Center in India to find out if anything is missing as per the specification. If we find any correction again it moves to the Software Design and Development phase. The system is not delivered to the client until it could pass successfully through Software Outsourcing Testing Phase.


This is the phase where we end the Outsourcing Software Development contract with the client by providing them the Final System and all the other required components. This is the last and final stage of the Software Development Process. We also provide training to the clients as a part of our Software Services Outsourcing. All intellectual property rights are also preserved by our clients.

Post Sales Services:

Once the overall Software Design and Development services are completed and the project is handed over to the client side. After delivering the developed software to the client, the Custom Software Development Contracts ends but after that comes the phase of Post Sales Services. It is also one of the most important phases of the SDLC though the Offshore Outsourcing contract with the client is over. We believe in long-term relationships and partnerships with the clients. We provide Post Sales Services to the clients as and when required and also give it the same value as other phased of Outsourcing Software Development Process. Customers Satisfaction is our basic priority and it’s the main reason behind the growth of Outsourcing Software Development Services to India from STPL. Please contact us for further information.