ShriStitch (Tailoring & Fabric Management Software)

Shri Stich

Creating a milestone in Tailoring & Fabric Industry, ShriStitch was designed for tailoring shops owners that need to efficiently manage their clients and job orders. It manages the customer's records, workers & vendor's details, cloth trading, order booking, worker wages, attendance, transactions gives instant status report of jobs in processing. You can create new catalogue designs, add new customers and items and keep them in a database that you access anytime. Do you need well experienced tailor master, we have the best solution for you.

Key Features of ShriStitch Software :-

  • Support simultaneous access by multiple users.
  • A Web based software.
  • Order information on a single page.
  • Workers are categorized on the following basis. a) Booking Worker b) Cutting Worker c) Stitching Worker Allot to your cutter and stitching worker with the work order slip generated at any time in our software.
  • Capture cloth samples just by using web-cam.
  • Manages the customers, workers' wages, suppliers and it gives instant status report of jobs in process.
  • Can generate more than 70 reports.
  • Personalized Catalog Panel for the user.
  • Easy access to customer database.
  • Bar Code Integration.
  • Categorization of customers.
  • Generate multiple categories, sub-categories and brand generation using Fabric Module.
  • SMS Integration & E- mail functionality.
  • Rack Feature: Automatically move to the specified rack when order is ready.
  • Easy User Interface and Customizable Panel for master setup of your software.
  • Categorization of Workers: a) Booking Worker b) Cutting Worker c) Stitching Worker etc.
  • Track worker records.
  • Cloth Purchase and Selling Module also included.
  • Alteration Module.
  • Instant Searching.
  • Payroll management based on ‘Monthly basis’, ‘Per-Day basis’, ‘Per-Item basis’ & ‘Commission Basis’.
  • Advance Payment Module for the worker.
  • Automatic alert about the Delivery Date.
  • Maintain Customer Database.
  • Pay Slip feature for Worker.
  • Worker Swapping Module.
  • Online Technical support is provided.
  • Auto Payment Adjustment for order & it’s sub-orders.
  • Single click job allotment to workers.
  • Fabric & Stitching Integration.
  • Birthday/ Anniversary reminder with mail and sms.
  • Choose order according to its priority (e.g. Higher, Lower, Medium)
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