Web2py Technology

Web2py is an open source web application framework. Web2py is written in the Python language and is programmable in Python. Since web2py was originally designed as a teaching tool with emphasis on ease of use and deployment, it does not have any project-level configuration files. Web2py was inspired by Ruby on Rails (RoR) and Django frameworks. Like RoR, it focuses on rapid development, favors convention over configuration approach and follows model–view–controller (MVC) architectural pattern. Web2py can compile web applications for distribution in byte code compiled form, without source code.

Unlike frameworks that use specialized template languages for their views, Web2py can also compile the view code into bytecode, since it is pure Python code. Web2py enforces the loading of a global environment into model and controller scripts, with the stated aim being that the developer does not have to write import statements for components in that environment, which initially speeds development. This environment will also pick up everything defined in application code files within the folders models/ or controllers/ (which are where application code must live).